PMV Positioners
Instrument Enclosures

Through INTEREC, CFM offers a complete line of protective instrument enclosures, modular cabinets and buildings, and enclosure heaters. ALL INTERTEC enclosures, cabinets, and buildings are manufactured of "fiberglass-reinforced, polyester" (FRP). They all provide:

  • NEMA 4X protection
  • 316L stainless exterior hardware, hinges, pins, and clasps
  • Chemical and corrosion resistance.
  • Fire resistance-self extinguishing
  • UV resistance (25 years service)
  • Termite/fungus resistance.
Instrumentation Enclosures, Custom Housings, Heaters, General purpose, Explosion proof

INTEREC enclosures are available in many sizes and shapes to meet all protective shelter requirements.

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