PMV Positioners
Gas Detection

Scott Instruments / BACHARACH/EIT offers a complete line of gas detection monitors and transmitters, gas detection alarm controllers and receivers, as well as building gas monitoring systems.

The Scott Instruments / BACHARACH/EIT family of gas detection monitors and transmitters can detect over 25 toxic gas, and the presence of combustible gases. For toxic gases we offer electrochemical (disposable) sensors. For combustible gases, we offer both catalytic bead and state-of-the-art "infrared (I/R)" technology.

We offer monitors with local display and alarm capability, as well as transmitters for remote single or multi-channel receivers and/or controllers.

We invite you to see for yourself the total capability of Scott Instruments / BACHARACH/EIT to satisfy your gas detection and/or monitoring requirements

  Gas Detection Monitors, Toxic Gases, Combustibles (Catalytic beed, Infrared "IR"), Receivers and Controllers, Digital Control Systems " DG-MACS"


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