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Control Valves, Severe Service Valves, Valve Positioners/Controllers, Level Controllers (PID), Regulators, Actuators and Accessories

Differential Pressure Flow Meters, Verabar, Transmount, Mass Transmount

Annunciator (Serial Input), Annunciators, Fault Finders, Indicators, Lamp Boxes, Mosaic Graphic Display, Protocol Converter (X120-400), Sequence of Event, Calibrator, Digital Indicators, I/P & P/I Transducers, Intrinsic Safety Barriers, Loss of Motion Detector, Process Monitors, Signal Conditioners, Transmitters, Portable HydroStatic Tester, Above Ground Tank Monitor, CSLD & Inventory Management, Environmental Management, Hydrocarbon Vapor Monitor, Leak Detect. & Inv. Management, Probes and Detectors, Single or Double Wall Line Monitor

Pressure/Temperature/Level Switches, Smart Transmitters, Level Monitors
Continental Disc Corporation is the leading manufacturer of innovative rupture discs (bursting discs), the new HPX rupture disc (bursting disc) series, pressure relief valves and pressure relief products since 1965.


Liquid Level Measurement -Ultrasonics and Float Switches

Sight Flow Indicators and Windows

Seperators, Filters, and Coalescers

Duplex Filter Transfer Values, Lube Oil Filtration Systems, Air / Oil Systems, Diversion Valves, SAE Flanges, ISO Modules / Manifolds

Level Gauges, Sight Glass (Reflex, Transparent), Magnetic Float Indicators, Magnostrictive Transmitters, Boiler Level Controls, Ultrasonic (non-contact) Level Monitors

Magmeters , "Coriolis" Mass Flow Meters, Rotometers (VA), Radar Level Monitors

Solenoid Valves, P/H Conductivity, Flow Sensors
  TYCO, BIFFI, FLUORO SEAL, HINDLE, KEYSTONE, Butterfly Valves, "Morin" Actuators, Pneumatic, Spring Return, Double Acting, KTM, MORIN, MCF, NEOTECHA, PRATT, VALVTRON, VANESSA, Quarter-turn,/Critical/Service /Severe Service Valves, Zero Leakage, Metal-to-Metal Seated, Triple Offset
  Gas Detection Monitors, Toxic Gases, Combustibles (Catalytic beed, Infrared "IR" ), Receivers and Controllers, Digital Control Systems " DG-MACS"
Instrumentation Enclosures, Custom Housings, Heaters, General purpose, Explosion proof
Valve Positioners, PID Controllers
  Pressure Gauges (Direct Drive), Process (0.5%), Test (0.25%),
Precision (0.1%) , Diaphragm Seals, Pressure Calibrators
  Bi-Metal Thermometers, Conventional Pressure Gauges, Diaphragm Seals, Thermowells
  Noise Attenuating Ball Valves, Low Noise Rotary Control Valves, Fully Ported, Metal Seated Ball Valves, Through ANSI Class 900#
   Check Valves
  Electro-Hydraulic Actuators, High Torque/High Force, Superior Positioning Accuracy, Damper Drive Control
  Gas / Air Filters, For Gas Analysis, Compressed Air, Vacuum Pump Exhaust, Process Sample Filters
  Thermocouples and RTD's
Venturi Tubes, Orifice Plates, Flow Nozzels, Meter Runs, Lo-Loss Flow Tubes
Flow and Level Indicators and Monitors, Flow Computers, Flow Rate and Totalisers, Loop Powered Indicators, Batch Controllers
Pressure Regulators, Pressure Reducing, Back Pressure, Cylinder Gas Regulators, Hi-Purity Environmental Regulators
   Pharmaceutical valves and actuators

TRIAC Manual and Automated Valve Packages,TRIAC Electric Actuators

Autrol Intelligent, microprocessor-based, smart transmitters that features 2-wire loop powered 4 to 20mA analog current outputs, and digital HART communication.


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