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All the right thermocouples for your specific applications!

Wilcon Industries unique thermocouples are manufactured by a swaging process which compresses the magnesium oxide around the wires and literally flows the metallic sheath into place around the ceramic. This method produces a thermocouple assembly free of cracks or ruptures and assures the exact placement of the wires in the sheath.

Selection and Application Data: Thermocouples must be selected to meet the conditions of  the application. Length of service, temperature, accuracy required, atmosphere, and speed of response are some of the considerations.

Standard Specifications for Wilcon-Pac Bulk Material and Elements

MgO or Magnesium Oxide thermocouples are the most generally used temperature sensing  devices throughout all industries. They are recommended where moisture proof, nonporous insulation is required, for special temperature or pressure conditions, for flexibility in forming, to reach inaccessible areas and fast response

Magnesium Oxide Thermocouples

Thermocouple Calibration Selection

How to Order Wilcon Thermocouple

Measuring Junctions

Protection Tube Selection: Protection tubes recommended for specific applications. Recommendations are given as guidelines and Wilcon Industries cannot be held responsible if  they are not suitable for your specific applications.

Alumina and Mullite Protection Tubes Closed One End: Wilcon Industries Ceramic and alumina  protection tubes are used in many diversified industries. The advantages of these protection tubes are resistance to high temperatures, and thermal shock. Also, they have good abrasion resistance, high dielectric strength and chemical inertness.

The use of alumina protection tubes are primarily to protect noble metal thermocouples, such   as, platinum, rhodium, and tungsten / rhenium.

Wilcon Protection Tubes: All metal protection tubes listed are exactly the same, with the exception of a mounting bushing or flange welded as a specific location. The specific overall dimension ("U"=DIM.) determines the length between the end of the protection tube (closed   end) and the threaded end.

Wilcon RTD's (Resistance Temperature Detectors): Designed and manufactured to your specific needs top meet industrial standards for accuracy, ruggedness, quality and high  reliability.

Can be used with a wide variety of instrumentation: Indicators, Controllers, Recorders and Scanners.

Basic RTD's available for quick delivery. Wilcon Industries always makes an effort to provide fast service and quality. Wilcon Industries will assist you in selecting an RTD for your specific requirements.

RTD's are used in industrial measurement and industrial process control in numerous applications in the fields of: environmental chambers, cryogenics, industrial heating, petro-chemical and petroleum refining. power generation, engine monitoring, food processing, thermoelectric cooling, etc...

Thermowells & Protection Tubes: Protective thermowells and protection tubes are designed   to insulate and protect temperature sensing devices from high pressure, abrasive, corrosive    and other environmental conditions. The wells are available in many alloys and configurations.

Multipoint Assemblies: Multipoint indicates more than one sensor within a single housing or thermowell. The sensor within the housing may be located as the same level, or several levels along the total immersion length of the assembly. The sensors may be insulated from the thermowell or terminated through the well as required by the application, response-time or environment.

Special Applications: Many applications requiring thermal instrumentation will not be able to utilize standard assemblies. Therefore, Wilcon Industries will lend its total resources, assisting    in the design, prototype and production, to achieve a fully functional instrument as required by the application.


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