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3D Instruments manufactures the original direct drive pressure gauge in test gauge and process gauge accuracies. See our digital pressure gauge products including the new digital test gauge, our versatile Star digital pressure calibrator, low pressure gage, precision test pressure gauge, hand held pressure generator, portable pressure calibration test kit, pressure volume controller and filled system temperature gauge along with other products and accessories

Process Gauge Specifications

  • Pressure Ranges: 0-30 psig to 0-20,000 psig equivalent ISO and Metric Scales
  • Compound Ranges: 30" Hg/0-30 psig to 30" Hg/0-300 psig
  • Receiver Gauges: 3-15 psig or 3-27 psig linear or square root scales
  • Proof Pressure without calibration shift: 150% of maximum rated pressure
  • Burst Pressure: 500% of Scale Pressure
  • Operating Media: Any media suitable for contact with stainless steel/inconel.
  • Calibration: Vertical as standard.
  • Accuracy: Process - +/- 0.5% of span at mid-range, +/- 1.0% overall
  • Test- +/- 0.25% or +/- 0.50% of span. No tapping required, includes friction, hysteresis, and linearity variations.
  • Response Time: Approximately 100ms from 0 to full scale (gas service)
  • Ambient Temperature: -65 deg. F to +190 deg. F (-54 deg.C to +88 deg.C)
  • Service Media Temperature: -65 deg.F to 400 deg.G (-54 deg.C to +204 deg C) Higher temperatures allowable depending on installation.

Life: 250,000 cycles minimum to 1,000.000. 80% of full scale.

Dial Sizes:
Process - 2 1/2" (64mm)
41/2" (114mm) 6" (152mm)
Test 0 21/2" (64mm) 41/2" (114mm) 6" (152mm) 81/2" (216mm) 12" (305mm)

Repeatability: +/-0.25% full scale

Sensitivity: +/- 0.025% full scale

Case- ABS Plastic (std) SS (opt)
Dial, Capillary tube, fittings, screws, and rivets - Stainless Steel
Sensing Element - Inconel X-750

The Direct Drive Difference

At 3D Instruments we believe that simple is beautiful. Replacing the antiquated C shape Bourdon tube in our pressure gauges is a unique helically wound Bourdon, The Direct Drive Difference. our Bourdon coil is coupled directly to the shaft-pointer, the only moving part.

Fewer parts, fewer problems. Regular recalibration is eliminated because there are no complex wear-prone parts. Linearity is built-in; no span adjustment is necessary - ever. And 3D accuracy is maintained throughout the useful life of the gauge, many times longer than those old fashioned designs.

The 3D Direct Drive design gives instant response while resisting pointer pulsation. Overpressure? Even 150% of full scale will not affect the accuracy of most 3D gauges. And it takes pressures of 500% greater than dial range to result in sensing coil rupture. Even when subject to abuse, 3D Direct Drive gauges last longer.

All 3D gauges use the finest materials in construction. We construct our Bourdon tube of Inconel X-750. This is a highly elastic material with excellent corrosion resistance. All other wetted parts are in 316SS. All materials are selected to be compatible with your most challenging applications.

The 3D Helical Bourdon Tube

The heart of the 3D Pressure Gauge is the Helically wound Inconel X-750 Bourdon Tube. Inconel was chosen because of its excellent resistance to corrosion and its elasticity. There are two types of helical Bourdon tubes: one is specifically designed for higher pressures and the other is designed for lower pressures. Each pressure range dictates subtle differences in Bourdon tube design and manufacturing method.

To the user the benefits of this painstaking high technology process are longer field life with inherent accuracy and span. As an assembly in the 3D Test or Process gauge our coil provides lower cost of ownership and easier field use, simply because our gauges do not fail or require recalibration. In testing, some 3D

3D Vs. Liquid Filled Gauges In Many Severe Applications

In many severe applications C-shape pressure gauge cases are filled with silicone liquid to dampen their movements and increase service life. Beside adding cost to the gauge, the liquid fill causes other problems. These are associated with loss of liquid fill, discoloration, and added maintenance difficulties.

In most instances a standard 3D TLG "Tough Little Gauge" can replace an old fashioned liquid filled gauge. Beside being less expensive, the 3D gauge will provide longer service life and much less field complications for your instrument personnel. Even against liquid fill, 3D gauges can last as much as ten times longer in severe services with pulsation or vibration. This has a dramatic effect on your cost of ownership. After all, 3D gauges are designed to work, and work for a
long time no matter what the application.



  • Helically Wound Bourdon Tube in Inconel X-750
  • All Wetted Parts in 316SS or Iconel
  • Precision Anti-Friction Sapphire Shaft Bearings
  • High Impact Resistance Cycolac Case
  • Needle Edged Pointer
  • Human Engineered Dial
  • Adjustable Zero Set-Point
  • One Moving Part

User Benefits


  • No Recalibration Required
  • Longer Field Service Life
  • Greater Reading Accuracy
  • Maintenance Free
  • Safer Operation (UL Listed)
  • Corrosion Resistant 

Six Year Warranty on the Direct Drive Difference


  • 3D Instruments LLC warrants to the original purchaser of any 3D Instruments Direct Drive pressure gauge that it will be free from defects in materials and workmanship in a period of six (6) years from the date of delivery to the purchaser. Full text of the 3D Instruments Six Year Limited Warranty. 

Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges











  • Corrosion resistant
  • Watertight
  • Rugged construction, Stainless steel, electro-polished case, Acrylic crystal with positive seal
  • Standard 3D quality materials, Inconel X-750 helical bourdon tube sensor, Sapphire bearings, Stainless steel connecting capillary, Stainless steel fitting
  • Full product ranges, All pressure ranges, Process (2550) and test (2544 & 2555) accuracy
  • Manufactured to ASME B-40.1
  • Six year warranty 


Typical applications for this handsome weather and corrosion resistant gauge include:


  • Corrosive environments often encountered in chemical plants
  • Harsh weather in offshore locations
  • Ambient and media conditions occurring near boilers, furnaces, ovens and steam. Conditions often arising in steel, glass, power, refineries and petro-chemical plants
  • Sanitary requirements in food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications



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