National Filtration Systems

NFS Liquid Hydrocarbon Filtration Systems are currently filtering over 225,000 gallons of lube, fuel, and hydraulic oil around the world every minute.

Simultaneously NFS fuel gas conditioning systems in customer plants are cleaning more than 4,500,000 standard cubic feet per minute of natural gas  used in gas turbines, boilers, and various processes.  

Many other fluids (liquids and gases) are being filtered around the world with systems engineered and manufactured by NFS.

Lube Oil Filtration Systems
Filter Elements
Knockout Drums
Air Atomizers
De-ionized Water Filters
Non-potable Treated Water Filters
Fuel Filtration Systems
Distillation Columns
Molecular Sieve
Steam Filtration

NFS Gas Separator System

NFS designs and manufactures industrial filtration and separation equipment as well as skid (modularized)  systems for a variety of industries. We are an ASME code certified company.  Our equipment is utilized for applications in the filtration and separation of liquid and solid contaminants in numerous gases (including air) and liquids. Some of the many types of products we design, engineer and manufacture are listed above.

Typical Filtration Requirements Addressed by NFS Systems


80 gpm and up


5000 SCFM and up


-500F to 10000F


Vacuum to 3000 psig


CS, SS, high alloys (Inconel, Hastalloy, others)

Retention Ratings

Particulates: 0.3 micron and up (absolute)