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INTERTEC is a supplier of unique systems designed to provide reliable protection of sensitive field-mounted instruments. The company was founded in 1965 by Dr. Joachim Hess, P.E. who recognized the problem of inadequate protection of field mounted electronic instrumentation. Neglect or failures in instrument protection can seriously affect plant safety and the operation of the complete system. Even operating and maintenance costs can be reduced considerably by providing adequate instrument protection.

Safe Link
SAFE LINK The complete solution concept for field Instrumentation

For years, it has been a trend in engineering and plant construction to obtain complete systems rather than purchase parts and field assemble. Drawing on decades of experience, INTERTEC does not have to "reinvent" the wheel for every new project. Customers can access this experience and get an intelligent modular concept that provides industrial quality at low costs.

SAFE LINK - A Convincing System

Enormously reduced engineering costs
Low material procurement costs
Pre-installed hook-ups save time and costs at the site
Sensible standardization reduces the variation in range of instrument installations and saves storage costs
Field and practice-proven solutions for traditional installations and innovative direct mounting
High measuring accuracy resulting from short impulse lines


INTERTEC instrument enclosures are made of long glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP) in a sheet moulded compound design

This high-tech material has many advantages:


strength that almost matches stainless steel (non-reinforced plastic material has approx. 100 times less stability)
the weight of stainless steel is 4 times greater
by increasing wall thickness and optimum fiber alignment the enclosure can be made with extra reinforcing at the edges
Excellent chemical resistance

Protective Shades

INTERTEC sun shades made of GRP have been designed to provide protection from environmental conditions such as UV-radiation, precipitation and dust accumulation.

Different sizes are available to accommodate single and multiple instrument installations. INTERTEC has the right sun shade for nearly every application.
INTERTEC sun shades are available in the form of DIASHADE or SD in many different dimensions.


Protective Cabinets and Shelters

For challenging spezifications

INTERTEC cabinets and shelters are designed as sandwich constructions with inner and outer parts made from very strong GRP skins - or other materials such as aluminium sheet or stainless steel - and a core of closed cell light weight and insulating PU foam. This construction ensures high strength and rigidity and is unaffected by the environment.

The design spectrum covers nearly every application case, from an insulated cable distribution cabinet through Analyser House or Radar Equipment Shelter to a complete - even multi-storey - utility building with attached office. Whether in aggressive industrial atmosphere or extreme environmental conditions of the arctic or the desert - there are nearly no limits.

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In order to allow you faster access to our data sheets, we have stored them in pdf format in our online catalogue. You can either download or print them. Experience has shown that online opening of a pdf document takes considerable time. We therefore recommend to download the requested data sheets, as this takes much less time. (Right mouse button --> save as)

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