Flow, Level, Pressure & Temperature Products
Contrec Flow and Level Products

Contrec manufactures a complete line of flow and level measurement electronics designed to interface with virtually any flow or level sensor. Sensor manufacturers around the world have come to rely on Contrec electronics to complete their product offering.


Field Mounted Instruments Model Read Datasheet
(in PDF format *)
  Field Mounting Rate Totaliser Frequency Input 202D 202D Datasheet
  Field Mounting Rate Totaliser 4-20 mA Input 202A 202A Datasheet
  Loop Powered Indicators Field Mount 210 210 Datasheet
  Batch Controller Frequency Input 214D 214D Datasheet
  Level Monitor 4-20 mA Input 220 220 Datasheet
  Programmable Process Indicator 4-20 mA Input 250 250 Datasheet
Flow Computers  
  Uncompensated   405 405 Datasheet
  Liquid Compensation for general liquids & petroleums   405L 405L/414L Datasheet
  Natural Gas, Industrial gases & Steam   415 415 Datasheet
Batch Controllers    
  Uncompensated   414 414 Datasheet
  Liquid Compensation for general liquids & petroleums   414L 405L/414L Datasheet
  Uncompensated with numeric keyboard   430 430D Datasheet
  Four channel Batch Controller   801A 810A Datasheet
Blending Systems    
  Two Line Blending with P + I control   802 & 802A 802/802A Datasheet
Energy Flow Computers    
  Heat Calculator   212 212 Datasheet
  Steam to Condensate Flow Computer   415C 415C Datasheet
  Energy Flow Computer with data storage   812 812 Datasheet
Petroleum Equipment    
  Load Rack Computer for 1 to 6 arms   1010 1010 Datasheet
  Additive Injection Systems   1020 1020 Datasheet
  Gate Access System   1030 1030 Datasheet
  Aircraft Refuelling System Commercial Avtrac C Avtrac C Datasheet
  Aircraft Refuelling System General Avtrac G Avtrac G Datasheet
  On-Vehicle Delivery System   1040 1040 Datasheet
  Fuel Management System   1050 1050 Datasheet
  Office Software for Reporting and Scheduling loads   Meterwin Meterwin Datasheet
On-board Truck Register    
  Truck Mounted Register (400 Series) One Line Trac-40 Trac-40 Datasheet
  Flameproof Enclosures   Ex410
  Weatherproof Petroleum Enclosure   W Enclosures
  Field Enclosures for the 400 Series   Fe400 Fe400 Datasheet


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