CFM Pneumatic, Electric and Hydraulic Actuators

Control Valves, Severe Service Valves, Valve Positioners/Controllers, Level Controllers (PID), Regulators,Actuators and Accessories

Annunciator (Serial Input), Annunciators, Fault Finders, Indicators, Lamp Boxes, Mosaic Graphic Display, Protocol Converter (X120-400), Sequence of Event, Calibrator, Digital Indicators, I/P & P/I Transducers, Intrinsic Safety Barriers, Loss of Motion Detector, Process Monitors, Signal Conditioners, Transmitters, Portable HydroStatic Tester, Above Ground Tank Monitor, CSLD & Inventory Management, Environmental Management, Hydrocarbon Vapor Monitor, Leak Detect. & Inv. Management, Probes and Detectors, Single or Double Wall Line Monitor

Solenoid Valves, P/H Conductivity, Flow Sensors
  TYCO, BIFFI, FLUORO SEAL, HINDLE, KEYSTONE, Butterfly Valves, "Morin" Actuators, Pneumatic, Spring Return, Double Acting, KTM, MORIN, MCF, NEOTECHA, PRATT, VALVTRON, VANESSA, Quarter-turn,/Critical/Service /Severe Service Valves, Zero Leakage, Metal-to-Metal Seated, Triple Offset
Valve Positioners, PID Controllers
  Electro-Hydraulic Actuators, High Torque/High Force, Superior Positioning Accuracy, Damper Drive Control