Verabar®... The Versatile Flow Sensor

Developed from aerospace technology, the Verabar® averaging pitot flow sensor provides unsurpassed accuracy and reliability. With its solid, one-piece construction and bullet shape, the Verabar makes flow measurement leak- proof and precise.

The unique sensor shape reduces drag and flow- induced vibration. And the location of the low-pressure ports eliminates the potential for clogging and improves signal stability.

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Introducing the New Accelabar™ Flow Meter

The patented Accelabar™ is a new and unique flow meter that combines two flow measurement technologies to produce operating ranges never before attainable in a single flow meter.

The Accelabar™ has been thoroughly tested in independent flow laboratories (at turndowns up to 65:1) and is field proven in gas, liquid and steam applications.

The Accelabar™ straight-run requirements are integral to the meter. It can be installed in extremely limited straight-run piping configurations.

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Product Specification Sheets

Verabar Brochure
Accelabar Brochure
Partial Insert Brochure

Application Guides
Power and Plant Utilities
Power and Plant Duct Air Flow

Verabar Specification Sheets Verabar Installation Instructions
V100 and V110 Spec Sheet
V150 Spec Sheet
V200 Spec sheet
V250 Spec Sheet
V400 Spec Sheet
V450 Spec Sheet
V500 and V510 Spec Sheet
V550 Spec Sheet
  V100 Installation Instructions
V110 Installation Instructions
V150 Installation Instructions
V200S Installation Instructions
V200D Installation Instructions
V250 Installation Instructions
V350 Installation Instructions
V400S Installation Instructions
V400D Installation Instructions
V450 Installation Instructions
V500 and V510 Installation Instructions
V550 Installation Instructions
Recommended Installation Drawings
Straight Run Requirements

Power and Plant Utilities Application Guide
Power and Plant Duct Air Flow Application Guide
Verabar Application Data Brochure

Extended Range Spec Sheets

Accelabar Installation Instructions
Installation Instructions
Accelabar Brochure
Accelabar Quick Model Selector
Accelabar Application Data Brochure
Accelabar Nominal Capacity Charts Brochure

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