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Solenoid valves
...for a multitude of applications.

Solenoid valves for fluid and gaseous media, aggressive or neutral, applicable in various ranges of temperature and pressure. 

Process and Control valves
We can control it, in your process as well

Electromotive or pneumatically driven Process Valves with bodies of stainless steel or plastic for various controlling tasks in fluids, gases or steam. 

Control Devices
For mounting directly on our proportional valves

Microprocessor based control devices for various tasks in automation 

Our product range for pneumatic automation

The range of products varies from singular or aligned solenoid valves to field bus controlled decentralised I/O-Systems with electrical and pneumatic I/O\'s. 

...for flow, level, pressure, analysis and temperature

Sensors, transmitters and fittings for measuring and controlling of fluid or gaseous media.


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