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SOR Thermocouples and RTDs

Process Thermocouples & RTDs

In most process applications the temperature sensor is inserted into a thermowell or protection tube. This protects the sensor from its environment and facilitates easy removal and replacement. These assemblies generally consist of a head, nipple-union-nipple and thermowell. SOR® industrial thermocouples and RTDs are available in virtually any calibration and resistance temperature coefficient. Specialty Sensors include RTDs that provide high accuracy and meet rigid sanitary requirements for food and beverage and pharmaceutical applications.


Proper temperature element protection starts with the selection of the thermowell or protection tube. Conditions that influence the selection, include the temperature, pressure, flow velocity, pipe size, insertion length and the process environment and medium. A variety of materials and process connections are available for both thermowells and protection tubes. All metallic wells are constructed in strict compliance with ASTM and ANSI specifications. For higher temperatures ceramic protection tubes are available. Fluid flowing by a thermowell forms a turbulent wake that has a defined frequency. The thermowell must have adequate stiffness so its natural frequency is greater than the wake frequency. SOR can design the well using velocity calculations; this will protect against catastrophic well failures. Our complete family of bar stock wells and protection tubes can provide safe and reliable protection for any process environment.

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