KROHNE EMF / Magmeters

Choose the flowmeter that best matches your application from the chart below.  Further details are contained on the product pages, and in the data sheets in the Download Center.


Water & wastewater

Water distribution

(Waste)water treatment
Sludge / sewage
Partially filled pipelines
Dosing of additives
Corrosive, abrasive liquids / Slurries
Hazardous areas
Paper & Pulp
Additives, bleeches, colouranrs
Hygienic / Sanitary
Food & Beverages, Pharmaceutical
Blending, dosing, batching
Volumetric filling machine
Dredging, Materials & Mining, Ore
Master / transfer meters

Advantages of KROHNE electromagnetic flowmeters

Electromagnetic flowmeters can be used in almost all branches of industry for the measurement of liquids (with or without solids content) pulps, pastes and other fluids that have a specific minimum of electric conductivity.
Superior electronics give you superior results - reliable and repeatable even under difficult process conditions, while quality manufacturing guarantee years of trouble-free use.
At KROHNE, all electromagnetic flowmeters are wet-calibrated by direct comparison of volumes, the most accurate calibration method of all. The KROHNE calibration rig is the world's largest and most accurate.
Compared with other measurement methods, electromagnetic flowmetering offers the following particular advantages:


Measurement independant of pressure, density, temperature and viscosity

Short inlet and outlet runs

Free pipe cross section

No additional pressure losses

No moving parts

Any desired installation location

Measurement span 100:1

High accuracy - up to ± 0.2 % of actual value

The liner and the electrodes of the flow sensors are available in various materials that will match almost any application.

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