PMV Positioners
Masoneilan Instrumentation

SVI® - Smart Valve Interface
The Masoneilan Smart Valve Interface is an intelligent digital valve positioner and PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) process controller.

SVI® II - Digital Positioner
Accurate, Scalable, Robust Control Solutions for Today and Tomorrow.

ValVue® HART
ValVue HART is an intuitive user interface that conducts setup and diagnostics with Dresser Masoneilan's HART compliant products.

ValVue® ESD
ValVue® ESD is the most advanced software to setup the SVI II ESD product on any On/Off pneumatic actuation packages and provides for emergency isolation valve testing management.

ValVue FF is an intuitive user interface to conduct setup and diagnostics with Dresser Masoneilan's Foundation Fieldbus compliant products.

SVI II ESD is a certified product for safety related application equipped the latest technology for emergency shutdown valve automation and in-service valve partial stroking.

SVI II EZ The EZ (Easy Smart) SVI II AP digital positioner has been designed to offer a compact, high performance digital instrument that is economical and easy to commission.

ValVue® Suite
ValVue Suite interface is used to configure, calibrate and perform valve diagnostics using HART communications protocol.

4700P/4700E Pneumatic Positioners
Control valve positioner which can be configured either as a standard pneumatic positioner or as an electro-pneumatic device, providing accurate and reliable performance for typical process control applications.

8007/8008 Electro-Pneumatic Transducer
Models 8007 and 8008 electro-pneumatic transducers are excellent choices, where direct output to the actuator is required. It is also well-suited for applications where other control input ranges are needed (such as 1-5 mA or 10-50 mA). These transducers can be configured for either direct or reverse action by simply switching the lead connections on the terminal board.

Model 8012/8013 Electro-Pneumatic Positioners
Fully integrated electro-pneumatic control valve positioners providing excellent dynamic response and positioning accuracy. These positioners can be used on both reciprocating and rotary motion control valves.

12400 Digital Level Transmitter & Controller
The Dresser Masoneilan 12400 Series instrument is a two-wire, loop-powered level transmitter or controller with HART communication that operates according to the fully proven buoyancy and torque tube principles.

12800 Series - Liquid Level Control Instrumentation
The Dresser Masoneilan 12800 Series instrument is a pneumatic level transmitter or controller that operates according to the fully proven buoyancy and torque tube principles.

496 Series Rotary Electric Switches
Electrical switches mounted on control valves for indicating and transmitting stroke positions for either rotary or linear motion valves. Detection modes can be configured as on-off, continuous or a combination of both.

FVP - Fieldbus Valve Positioner
The Dresser Masoneilan FVP is an intelligent digital valve positioner and PID process controller that communicates using the FOUNDATION Fieldbus protocol. The Dresser Masoneilan FVP offers advanced control technology for pneumatically actuated valves.

Air Filter Regulators / Air Sets
Compact, light weight pneumatic pressure-reducing valves with integrated filters for supplying regulated plant air to various process control valve accessories, including pneumatic transducers and control valve positioners.

Model BR200 / BR400 Booster Relay
High capacity pneumatic volume boosters for faster and improved dynamic response of control valve assemblies. Suitable for use with any type of pneumatic actuator, including spring-diaphragm or piston.