Flow, Level, Pressure & Temperature Products
Masoneilan Engineered Specials

77000 Series - High Pressure Control Valve
The Masoneilan 77000 Series Lo-dB valves provide excellent control of compressible fluids under high pressure. High pressure expanding area valve designed for compressible fluids where noise, erosion and vibration are potential issues.

78400 / 18400 Series LincolnLog Anti Cavitation Valve
The Masoneilan 78200/18200 Series LINCOLNLOG valves provides smooth and accurate capacity control in liquid applications. High pressure anti-cavitation control valve with excellent dirt tolerant capabilities using an axial flow notched plug trim design. It is available in both globe and angle body configurations

Optimized high capacity control valve solutions for severe low noise and anti-cavitation applications using a customized stacked plate technology.

84000 Series SteamForm
Multi-stage control valve providing an integrated solution for high pressure and high temperature control in steam conditioning applications.

71000 Series Erosive Service Valve
Streamlined angle valve solution for erosive process applications with single or multi-phase flow conditions and entrained solids in the fluid.

72000 Series Large Mass Flow / Low Noise Valve
Fabricated angle valve solutions for high pressure low noise control in applications with very large mass flow requirements.

73000 Series Sweep Angle Valve
Highly effective flashing and erosive service solution using a streamlined sweep angle body design and hardened valve trim.

74000 Series Heavy Oil Process Valve
Rugged top-guided control valve solution for severely erosive applications with high temperatures, high pressure letdown and multi-phase flow conditions.

75000 Series Tank Drain Valve
Sweep angle body control valve designed specifically for tank level control applications where corrosive and/or highly viscous fluids are used in the process.